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EC Commission Regulation 1275/2008 and its subsequent amendments provide for specific power consumption limits in standby and off-mode and stand-by modes for home and office electrical and electronic equipment.

Since January 7, 2010, in order to be marketed or used in Europe, the main electrical products must absorb less than 1 watt, if they are off and/or are ready to reactivate or, at most, 2 watts if, in addition to simple reactivation, they have a display indicating additional information other than, for example, a simple light. Commission Regulation (EC) No 1275/2008 of 17 December 2008 represents the first Implementation Measure and thus the implementation of the Ecodesign Directive 2005/32 / EC. The regulation stipulates that after three years the limits become even more stringent: since January 7, 2013, half of the absorption is given, ie 0,5 watts and 1 watt, under the same conditions as above.

Elettra offers the following services in this sector:

– absorption measures based on what is required by Regulation no. 1275/2008

– Testing for compliance with CEI EN 50564

– Technical Analysis of Product Technical Documentation.

Absorption must be verified by a reliable, accurate and reproducible measurement procedure that takes into account the state of the art generally recognized.

Measurements equal to or greater than 0.50W must be made with a confidence level of less than or equal to 2% at 95% confidence level.

For values ​​below 0.50W, the measurements must be conducted with uncertainty of less than or equal to 0.01W and a confidence level of 95%.