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Elettra s.r.l.

Elettra s.r.l. is a company founded in 2005 based on the long time experience of professionals working in the field of testing for compliance of electrical and electronic products and quality systems developed for maintaining compliance with the requirements also in production, making available to customers the experience developed in more than 30 years also through the active participation in the working groupss of the Standardization Technical Committees  and the collaboration with the most renowned international certification bodies.

Core business is based on product testing and certification

Elettra s.r.l. is Notified Body for the Directive 2014/30 / EU (New Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive modifying the EC Directive 2004/108) and for the Directive 2006/42 / EC (Machinery Directive) and accredited testing laboratory according to EN 17025: 2005 standard.

Elettra s.r.l. – also provides, as an independent laboratory, business support for:

    • product certification;
    • testing and measurement services on products, systems, plants;
    • performance and environmental testing;
    • verification of the technical documentation of the product and/or the technical file;
    • training in safety, electromagnetic compatibility, quality, measurements, regulatory updates;
    • identification of the applicable technical directives and standards for verifying product conformity.

Elettra s.r.l. works in collaboration with important European and International Certification Bodies; this allows its clients a convenient interface for product certification even for markets that are difficult to access and, at the same time, guarantees continuous updating for the correct interpretation of regulatory requirements and the relative testing and certification methods.