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CE marking

Elettra s.r.l. offers its services to manufacturers and importers of equipment in:

  • Analysis of the Directives and applicable standards;
  • Performing the tests of compliance with the regulatory requirements;
  • Technical, experimental and design verifications;
  • Verification of the Technical File

The Elettra laboratory is equipped with all the equipment for the execution of electrical safety tests, electromagnetic compatibility, noise, vibrations and impacts, climatic tests, verification of the IP degree according to European and international standards.

The competence and the experience developed in more than 30 years of activity allow us to verify the conformity of the products and the solutions adopted for the conformity with the standards. Even when the certification of the product by a third party is not compulsory, it can be a useful means to demonstrate the correctness and commitment of the manufacturer. Even when product certification by a third party is not mandatory, it can be a useful means of demonstrating the correctness and commitment of the manufacturer. For this reason Elettra s.r.l. operates directly for conformity verification and/or in collaboration with international certification bodies to offer the possibility of certifying electrical products with voluntary marks.