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Product Certification Body

Elettra s.r.l. is a Product Certification Body for EMC Directives (2014/30 / EU), Machinery Directive (CE 2006/42) accredited by ACCREDIA with certificate 140B. As such, it can issue type examination certificates for machines according to Annex IV (see list in the specific section) and type examination certificates for electrical / electronic equipment, systems and installations according to Annex III of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30 / EU


ACCREDIA accredited laboratory

Accredia-IlacElettra s.r.l. it is a laboratory accredited by Accredia with number 1613

The accreditation allows the international recognition of the test reports issued, as ACCREDIA is the only national body authorized by the State to carry out accreditation activities and in its turn it boasts agreements of mutual recognition in the international circuit of ILAC-MRA laboratories.

The ACCREDIA mark or any reference to accreditation does not mean that ACCREDIA accepts responsibility for the result of the test, or for any opinion or interpretation that may derive from it, or that gives approval to a test sample or product.


Notified Body for Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

Elettra s.r.l. is Notified Body Electromagnetic Compatibility 2014/30 / UE. It may therefore issue type examination certificates according to Annex III of the Directive, verifying and approving the technical construction dossier for

  • -appliances;
  • -systems;
  • -complex machines;
  • -installations


Notified Body for Machinery Directive (CE 2006/42)

Elettra performs the certification of safety machinery / components provided for in Annex IV of the EC Directive 2006/42, and in particular it is accredited for the following sectors of activity:

– Elevators for vehicles (16);

– Devices designed for detecting people (19)

– Logical blocks for security functions (20)


Laboratory qualified by Bureau Veritas

Elettra s.r.l. it is a laboratory qualified by Bureau Veritas; therefore the tests carried out can be used for the issueing of the certificates issued by Bureau Veritas (for example for Atex directive 2014/34 / EU or Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC


Elettra is a laboratory included in the list of recognized organizations in the conformity assessment system of the National Radio Agency koreana (MRA program) and therefore the test reports issued are valid for export to Korea