The services and tests issued under ILAC accreditation are conformity assessment activities aimed at certifying compliance with requirements set by mandatory or voluntary standards regarding various product characteristics, such as electromagnetic compatibility, safety, environmental resistance, correct use of the radio spectrum, etc.

Conformity assessment conducted under accreditation provides assurance to businesses, institutions, and consumers that activities have been carried out in compliance with technical and managerial standards. Therefore, it contributes to instilling greater confidence in the quality and safety of goods circulating in the market.

Accredited Product Certification Body

Elettra s.r.l. is a Product Certification Body for the EMC Directives (2014/30/EU), Machinery (CE 2006/42), RED (2014/35/EU) accredited by ACCREDIA with certificate 140B. As such, it can issue type examination certificates for machinery according to Annex IV (see list in the specific section), type examination certificates for electrical/electronic equipment, systems, and installations according to Annex III of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU, and type examination certificates for equipment with transmitters according to Annex III of the RED Directive 2014/53/EU.

ACCREDIA Certificate 140B-rev6


ACCREDIA Accredited Laboratory

Elettra s.r.l. is an accredited laboratory by Accredia with number 1613L.

Accreditation enables international recognition of test reports issued, as ACCREDIA is the only national body authorized by the State to carry out accreditation activities and in turn has mutual recognition agreements in the international circuit of ILAC-MRA laboratories.

The ACCREDIA logo or any reference to accreditation does not imply that ACCREDIA accepts responsibility for the test result, or for any opinion or interpretation that may arise from it, nor does it approve a test sample or product.

Accredited evidence list with fixed field in CATEGORY 0

Location ALocation B

ACCREDIA Certificate-1613L-rev4
List of accredited tests

Notified Body for Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2014/30/EU)

Elettra s.r.l. is a Notified Body for Electromagnetic Compatibility 2014/30/EU. Therefore, it can issue type examination certificates according to Annex III of the directive, verifying and approving the construction technical file for:

  • appliances;
  • systems;
  • complex machines;
  • installations


Notified Body for RED Directive (2014/53/EU)

Elettra s.r.l. is a Notified Body for RED 2014/53/EU. Therefore, it can issue type examination certificates according to Annex III of the directive, verifying and approving the construction technical file for all radio equipment.


Notified Body for Machinery Directive (CE 2006/42)

Elettra performs certification of machinery/safety components provided for in Annex IV of CE Directive 2006/42, and in particular, is accredited for the following sectors of activity:

  • Vehicle lifts (16)
  • Devices designed for people detection (19)
  • Logical blocks for safety functions (21)


Accredited Laboratory Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation Inc.

Elettra s.r.l. is a laboratory accredited by the Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation Inc. (PJLA), a U.S. accreditation body recognized by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and the Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) for accreditation services (

Furthermore, the laboratory is FDA accredited under the ASCA (Accreditation Scheme for Conformity Assessment) program, meaning the tests performed are recognized for FDA certification in the United States.

PJLA-FDA Accreditation Certificate

Accredited Metrology Laboratory

Il laboratorio metrologico è stato accreditato LAT in conformità alla EN ISO/IEC 17025/2017 per la taratura nel settore elettrico di misuratori e sorgenti da Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation Inc. (PJLA). L’accreditamento garantisce della piena competenza nello svolgere attività di taratura attraverso Certificazioni Lat.

Accreditation Certificate

CBTL Laboratory

iecElettra Srl is a CBTL laboratory; the tests conducted can be used to obtain the CB certificate, which guarantees international access to all countries that have joined the IECEE CB Scheme, supervised by the IECEE (International Electrotechnical Commission for Electrical Equipment).

CBTL Certificate

Korean National Radio Agency (MRA program)

Elettra is a laboratory listed among the recognized organizations in the framework of the conformity verification system of the Korean National Radio Agency (MRA program), and therefore the test reports issued are valid for export to Korea.


UN/ECE R10 Regulation: verification of compliance with electromagnetic compatibility requirements for electrical and electronic components installed on-board vehicles.

International regulations for "Automotive" equipment qualification involve verification through type approval by a competent authority of a EU State of compliance within the framework of electromagnetic compatibility of components and electrical units to be used on motor vehicles (E-MARK).

Elettra s.r.l. is a recognized laboratory E57LAB 0076 by the Authority for the Approval of the Republic of San Marino, for the issuance of approvals according to UN/ECE Regulations.

E57LAB0076 Accreditation Certificate