ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

  • Directive 2014/34/CE (ATEX Directive)
  • Standards EN 80079-37 and EN 80079-36
  • Directive EN 60079-x

The ATEX directive concerns equipment and protective systems, both electrical and non-electrical, intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, as well as safety, control, and regulating devices used outside potentially explosive atmospheres, necessary or useful for the operation of such equipment and systems. It prescribes that products must meet the essential safety and health requirements established therein.

The assessment procedures to be followed to demonstrate compliance depend on the product's category, according to the classification contained in the directive and related to the level of protection provided.

In this field, Elettra s.r.l. supports the Company in:

  • direttiva atexTechnical-normative support and training to meet the requirements of Directive 2014/34/CE
  • Classification of places, plants, and machinery to define zones with explosion risk
  • Verification of the technical file for electrical components of category 3 and machinery of category 2 and 3
  • Conducting conformity tests for machinery in accordance with standards EN 80079-37 EN 80079-36
  • Conducting tests for the certification of electrical products according to EN 60079-x
  • Special tests on equipment according to individual paragraphs of the harmonized standard
  • Issuing voluntary certification for products in category 3