Environmentally Friendly Design

  • Absorption measurements as required by Regulation No. 1275/2008.
  • Compliance testing according to Standard CEI EN 50564.
  • Technical-normative analysis of product technical documentation.
  • Flammability tests according to glow wire standard EN 60695-2-12.

Elettra s.r.l., aware of the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency in domestic and office electrical and electronic equipment, offers high-quality services in compliance with Commission Regulation (EC) No 1275/2008 and its subsequent amendments. This regulation, which sets specific limits for energy consumption in standby and off mode and standby in network, represents a significant step towards reducing environmental impact and promoting more efficient technologies.

Since January 7, 2010, the regulation requires that major electrical products, in order to be marketed or used in Europe, consume less than 1 watt when off or ready to reactivate, and a maximum of 2 watts if they have a display or provide additional information. These requirements aim to ensure that electrical and electronic equipment is designed with an eco-sustainable approach, reducing energy consumption in standby and off modes.

Commission Regulation (EC) No 1275/2008 of December 17, 2008, the first Implementing Measure and implementation of Directive 2005/32/EC on ecodesign, is a crucial reference point in the regulatory landscape. In response to these regulatory commitments, Elettra s.r.l. offers a range of specialized services to support manufacturers and importers in complying with these requirements:

  1. Power consumption measurements: Elettra performs power consumption measurements as required by Regulation No 1275/2008. These measurements are crucial to ensure that products meet specified energy consumption requirements.
  2. Conformity testing: Elettra's laboratory is equipped to perform conformity testing according to Standard CEI EN 50564. These tests ensure that equipment is in line with energy efficiency standards and regulatory specifications. Technical-Normative
  3. Analysis: Elettra offers technical-normative analysis services of product technical documentation. This process ensures that design and technical documentation comply with all regulatory requirements.

The power consumption measurement procedure must be reliable, accurate, and reproducible, while adhering to generally recognized standards. Elettra s.r.l. is committed to conducting measurements with an appropriate level of uncertainty, essential to ensure reliable results. For values below 0.50W, where precision is even more critical, measurements are conducted with an uncertainty of less than or equal to 0.01W, ensuring maximum accuracy and regulatory compliance.