CE Marking

  • Analysis of Directives and Applicable Standards
  • Execution of Compliance Testing According to Regulatory Requirements
  • Technical, Experimental, and Design Verification
  • Technical File Verification

Elettra S.r.l., a leader in compliance and certification services, positions itself as a valuable ally for manufacturers and importers of equipment operating within the CE marking framework. With a steadfast commitment to regulatory compliance, the company offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at supporting clients in analyzing applicable directives and standards, conducting compliance tests, and verifying technical, experimental, and design aspects.

At the core of Elettra S.r.l.'s operations lies the expertise accumulated over more than 30 years of activity. This wealth of experience enables the company to navigate confidently through the intricacies of regulations and directives, ensuring clients receive thorough verification of their products' compliance and adopted solutions. Such deep understanding of regulatory dynamics translates into a unique ability to guide clients through the complex process of aligning with European and international standards.

Elettra's laboratory is equipped with all the necessary facilities to perform electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, noise, vibration, shock tests, climatic tests, as well as verification of IP protection according to applicable standards. This broad spectrum of capabilities allows the company to offer comprehensive and tailored solutions, ensuring that every critical aspect of product performance and safety is adequately evaluated and verified.

A distinctive aspect of the service offered by Elettra S.r.l. is the ability to manage compliance verification directly or in collaboration with international certification bodies. This flexible approach allows clients to choose the certification mode that best suits their needs and market requirements. Even in situations where third-party certification is not mandatory, Elettra S.r.l. recognizes the strategic value of demonstrating the correctness and commitment of the manufacturer, offering services that go beyond mere regulatory compliance.

In a context where compliance and certification are crucial for accessing markets and ensuring consumer trust, Elettra S.r.l. stands out as a reliable and competent partner. With a proactive and quality-oriented approach, the company is committed to providing solutions that not only meet regulatory requirements but also contribute to consolidating the reputation and commercial success of its clients. With Elettra S.r.l., the CE marking becomes a seal of quality and reliability, confirming the company's steadfast commitment to excellence in compliance testing and certification.